International Journal of Distance Education and E-Learning (IJDEEL)
International Islamic University, Islamabad

Virtual Esprit de corps, Team Work and Team Trust in Distance Learning Environment: An Analytical Study

Dr Wajeeha Aurangzeb,Faiza Bibi & Dr Azhar Mehmood



This study aimed at exploring students’ perceptions of virtual espirit de corps, teamwork and team trust in distance learning environment based on team structure, team leadership, team situation monitoring, team mutual support and team communication. Descriptive survey design was used for research methodology. A self-constructed 5 point likert scale questionnaire containing 30 statements was administered to 100 randomly selected graduate level students enrolled in distance education. Results revealed that espirit de corps, team work and team trust need to be addressed rigorously if highly motivated team members are to be produced through distance education. Teachers may introduce online discussion forums, reflective videos and reflective blogs to enhance team work. In addition to this, teachers may serve as team leads and provide a base for espirit de corps.

Key words: Espirit de corps, Team work, Team trust, Team structure