International Journal of Innovation in Teaching and Learning (IJITL)
International Islamic University, Islamabad

Measuring Teachers’ Job Satisfaction: A Locale and Gender Based Comparison of Secondary School Teachers

Shama Batool, Dr. Muhammad Tahir Khan Farooqi, Dr. Mobeen Ul Islam


The research study is an effort to determine the influence of secondary school teachers’ gender and location on their job satisfaction in Pakistani perspective. The target population of the study was all secondary school teachers (SSTs) serving in public secondary schools of Punjab Province whereas accessible population was all secondary school teachers (2084 SSTs) serving in 456 public secondary schools of Sahiwal division. The Sahiwal division is comprised of three districts viz. Pakpattan, Sahiwal and Okara. From each district, 24 schools (12 male and 12 female) were randomly selected and from each school 4 SSTs were taken randomly as sample. In this way total sample was consisted of 288 SSTs. The data were collected through Job Satisfaction Scale for Teachers (JSST). The collected data were tabulated and analyzed through SPSS. The analysis revealed that rural teachers were more satisfied from jobs rather than urban teachers and male teachers were more satisfied with their supervisors and working conditions rather than their female counterparts. The study recommended that urban secondary school heads and female secondary school heads may provide opportunities to get more exposure on supervision. Class size in urban secondary schools may be reduced to enhance urban secondary school heads’ job satisfaction level.
Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Locale, Gender, Secondary School Teachers