International Journal of Innovation in Teaching and Learning (IJITL)
International Islamic University, Islamabad

Neglected and Common Areas of Educational Research in Pakistan: A Document Analysis

Muhammad Masaud Asdaque, Dr. Syed Asad Abbas Rizvi, Dr. Masood Ahmad


Educational research plays an important role in development of education. In Pakistan, after the establishment of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan in 2002, there is a paradigm shift in higher education. Number of doctorate students increased very fast in last decade. This study explores the areas which are commonly explored by the researchers and those areas which are neglected by the researchers. The objectives of the study were 1) to find out the trend of educational research in Pakistan, 2) to find out the common areas of educational research in Pakistan, 3) to find out the uncommon area of educational research, and 4) to identify the neglected area of educational research in Pakistan. Document analysis was used as method of analysis. By using universal sampling, 247 theses were selected. It was found that teacher education, psychology and administration were the most common topics while History of Education, Crime education, ECE were the least studied areas. It was concluded that the Pakistani researchers are focusing on some areas and neglecting some other areas.
Keywords: Educational Research, Aspects of Educational Research, Areas of Educational Research, Neglected Areas of Educational Research, Common Areas of Educational Research