International Journal of Innovation in Teaching and Learning (IJITL)
International Islamic University, Islamabad

Research Experiences of Research Students about the Supervisors Selection at Higher Education Level

Maleeha Hammad, Dr. Sadaf Zamir Ahmed, Irsa Zahoor


This article is a case study exploring the experiences of pass out female research students of M. Phil Education at a University in Rawalpindi. The discussion is based on semi-structured interviews by each of the students. This information from the interviews is analyzed thematically, and the three main issues that emerged were the freedom of selecting supervisor, students confidence as a researcher, and student supervisor relationship. Based on the information gathered, this study records the ways in which other research students can benefit while selecting their supervisor to become efficient researcher in the specific area of interest. The study also provides the information about the challenges related to the supervisors faced by research students during their research work.
Keywords: Freedom of selecting supervisor, students’ confidence as a researcher, student- supervisor relationship