International Journal of Innovation in Teaching and Learning (IJITL)
International Islamic University, Islamabad

Academic Procrastination: An Exploration for the Cause at University Level

Saira Ijaz Ahmad, Dr. Samina Malik, Dr. Nabi Bux Jumani


Academic Procrastination is an attitude of delaying academic tasks without having any logical and conscious cause. It is a universal phenomenon that exists among the general population. The present study is an attempt to identify the academic areas in which students procrastinate at university level along with finding out the cause of Academic Procrastination. For sampling, two-stage Cluster Random Sampling Technique was used. Mainly, four departments from the Faculty of Social Sciences (Education, Psychology, Sociology, and Political Science) at University of the Punjab were randomly selected. These four sampled departments were considered as cluster for the study and all the enrolled students studying at MS/M.Phil. level were contacted for data collection. Total sample size included 78 students. PASS was adopted for data collection. Findings of the study revealed that the students at University level have moderate level of Procrastination. The major causes of Academic Procrastination are Dependency, Poor Self Confidence, Idleness, Denial, Fear to Success, Poor Time Management and Lack of Risk-Taking. Study recommended that students must be aware of the negative impacts of the phenomenon of academic procrastination.
Keywords: Academic Procrastination, University Level, Research, Education, Assignment